Just a little rant.

Rolly backpacks… In college. Yes, I understand that I am in Vancouver Washington, and not a style capitol. I still think there is no excuse for  rolly backpacks.NONE. END OF STORY. It’s bad enough to see them in crowded highschool hallways, but considering the average IQ at my highschool, I overlook it. Here though, these people are averaging about 25+ years old. Shouldn’t they know better?  The only purpose they serve is to look tacky, make annoying noise, and drive anyone walking behind them insane.  The most common excuse I hear is “my books and computer are too heavy!” This isn’t a valid excuse. There are many lovely, non tacky alternatives.

The real shocker though, is just how many there are. In the room I’m in, there are six people… and three rolly backpacks. It’s an epidemic. I think I might start a campaign XD


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