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The New Quarter has started

The Clark College Spring 2009 Quarter has officially begun. And my CCNA networking course? Already kicking my ass. But maybe it’s just because I’m too short to plug myself into the eagle server. haha. But I really am- It’s a stretch, even if I’m on tip-toes. Pilates, however, is quite wonderful. Will actually be posting now that school is in session, despite the lack of time to do so.


Time to learn

I waste three good hours of my saturday in a classroom. And until today I thought I learned nothing. Today however, I have aquired quite a bit of new knowledge… Just not about HTML. I’ve learned about film noir, more about Rita Hayworth, the Black Dahlia murder, Alberto Vargas (my new favorite artist), and absinthe (which I’d really like to try, now that it’s available legally in the US.)
All in all, it’s been a productive two and a half hours, and I still have thirty minutes to go! Ah, how I love wikipedia. Now back to looking at Varga prints.
Sexy Librarian
Sexy Librarian – by missgracie on Polyvore.com