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Timesuck Site of the Week [Week One]: Textsfromlastnight.com

I won’t lie… Checking out this site is what comes directly after checking my email and facebook on my daily internet routine. Sometimes I leave the site disgusted, other times with new goals. Regardless, I always leave entertained. This is a site of user submitted text messages, typically dealing with the day after a wild night, but not always. Classified by area code, I’m always hoping some 360’er will post something epic, and bring pride to our humble code. Here’s a sampling of recent postings:
who do I fuck, the girl waiting for me upstairs or her roomate making me mac and cheese right now?? This is the single hardest decision I’ve always wanted to have to make
I’m still reeling over the fact that you beat us all at Risk while you were flat on your ass drunk and falling asleep on South America.
I woke up in what appears to be a taco bell graveyard in my bed.

This one isn’t recent, but I feel obligated to rep the 360. Plus, I find this one hilarious
i wanted to go smoke pot, so i told my mom i was getting tutored. she asked what time i would be back, i told her learning doesn’t have a curfew

Next time you need a break from all that “hard studying” (aka, switching between facebook,myspace,youtube and one tab of legit schoolwork), head on over to Texts from last Night


Damn You State Budget Cuts

Ugh. Even as a Running Start student, college is expensive. Yesterday I went to pay Clark College their $160 dollars. And next week I’ll be off to give them more money for my textbooks. All I can say, is that as soon as I’m in real college (off of the safety net of running start), I’m gonna be screwed. Even though I’m only paying fee’s (6.75 per credit + any misc. class specific fee’s) and for my textbooks, the out of pocket cost is pretty high. I guess all I can do is max myself out on credits I get for free as long as possible.  I just have to try and ignore the fact that in three short quarters I’ll be paying tuition :/

Almost time for School!

And for once, I’m pretty excited. Maybe it’s the two week gap between when highschool starts and fall quarter at Clark, maybe it’s because I only have one class at said High school. Who knows? Either way, I’ll have fun stuff to blog about.