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Playlist Of The Day: Summer and Nogastalgia

  1. Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat- Lucky.
    This pretty much completes my summer-y mood.
  2. Paula Deanda- Doin’ Too Much.
  3. Dana Fuchs- Why Don’t We Do it In The Road (Across the Universe)
    I don’t think that there will be a day that goes by without an Across the Universe song in it.
  4. Deena Carter- There’s No Limit.
    This has been my theme song for a few days now. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.
  5. Marques Houston- That Girl.
    While downloading music at breakfast this morning, I went on a slight nogastalgia kick. This song was the first that I uploaded to my original XBOX. (I needed some hot tunes to play burnout on). Admittedly, this was only about five years ago, but with the amount that has changed between now and then, it works.
  6. Kenny Chesney- Summertime.
    I’m so pumped for summer it’s not even funny. This song just makes me want it more.
  7. Warrant- Cherry Pie.
    I needed a little 80’s in my day today. And driving on the freeway, with this blaring? No feeling like it. haha.
  8. Frankie J & Baby Bash- Obsession.
    Even though I hadn’t heard it in over a year, I still knew every word when I started listening to it the other day.
  9. Erika Jo- I Break Things.
    Although a definite one hit wonder (if that) I really do Love this song. It’s young, but cute.
  10. Scouting For Girls- Heartbeat.

    My friend made me listen to this UK band, and I’m so glad I did. I love the upbeat pop sound.