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And to start things off…

A new rant =]

Actually, two mini rants.

Point a) EXCESSIVE PDA: As I am writing this, there is a couple that is all over eachother on a couch in the hall. And despite noticing that everyone is looking at them (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one half expecting them to start having sex), they continue as they were.  I really don’t understand the mindset needed to do such things. I mean, at least ATTEMPT to be discrete. I’m sure I sound like a pda freak, but I’m really not. I have no problems with couples, or small pda (a quick kiss, holding hands, whatever), but when you’re laying all over eachother, are making out or going any further than that, I think you should probably go find a car, or an unused classroom to be in.

Point b) IMMATURE SOCIAL NETWORKING: “We’re over, so I deleted you off my friend list”. “I’m mad, you’re off my top friends!!”. The fact that those are real quotes are pathetic. I’m starting to think there should be a minimum maturity level to join the sites. The fact of the matter is- It’s really not that important. No one is going to cry because they’re not on your top friends, and if the way you handle a breakup is by deleting them from your online life (and then making the point to tell them about it, and expect them to be hurt), then you most likely shouldn’t date.